How did you two meet?
We met on a night out in Chelmsford, Essex in 2011. Lo was on her first ever night out, whilst Sam was a seasoned partier. Our friends knew each other and so we ended up meeting, entering into a Dance Off (Lo won ;) and then kissing before the night was over! Over the following four years, we swam in and out of each other's lives until January 2015 when we finally made it official. Best decision ever!

Why did you buy a house so young?
We were given the opportunity to get a mortgage, and decided to bite the bullet after eight months of being together. Cliche, but when you know you know! It was the best decision; we've now been living together for over a year and we wouldn't have it any other way.

What kind of cat is Axel?
He's a Siamese / British Short Hair cross. He's loud and obnoxious, and we adore him!

Who writes the posts?
Lo mainly, with some input from Samuel. Look out for the 'Travel Diaries' in which Sam has much more input. Unfortunately, he's never going to be excited by make up or recipes...

What's on your 2017 Goals List?
Finish the garden renovation, knock down the dining room wall, go snorkelling in Cape Verde, and go camping somewhere together.

Does Sam cook?
Sausage and mash, fish and vegetables and the occasional BBQ. It's not much, but its a start. I'll get him them guys ;)

Why are you Vegetarian?
You can read my reasons for the change here.

What are you favourite blogs to read/YouTubers to watch?
Oh my gosh, so many!

You Tubers - Sarah Lemkus, Hot for Food, Lily Pebbles, Deligracy, Alana Davison, The Michalaks.

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