What To Wear To a Wedding When You’re Not ‘A Girly Girl’


I have attended a number of weddings this year, as well as fancy parties and shindigs. However, I’m not really the girl you’re going to find in a floral tea dress with perfect nails and hair. I’m the girl who would wear the floral dress, but would chip her nails before the event and forget she had winged liner on and rub her eyes.

My perfect is not perfect.

I’ve spent countless hours trawling the internet trying to find an outfit that I feel comfortable in which still suits the occasion, and it’s really hard, guys! I mean, there are countless floral dresses which are gorgeous, but just not really me. I am a person who is super confident in monochrome and neutrals, not necessarily the wild prints some people can get away with at posh events.

Below, I've collated a number of outfits I'd consider wearing to a wedding, christening, or similar. There's a mix of dresses, playsuits and jumpsuits which I think could all work at a more formal event, without feeling like you're not being authentic to yourself. Which is your favourite?

1. Boxy dress by Simply Be  |  2. Playsuit by Boohoo  |  3. Jumpsuit by Phase Eight
4. Maxi Dress by Dorothy Perkins |  5. Skater dress by Yumi

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