Where Have I Been?

It’s safe to say I have been a little MIA on the blog recently, though no one’s fault but my own. The world has been a little whacko in recent weeks, and I am trying to find a balance in my new normal. 
If you’re willing to read a bit of an essay, I've compiled a run-down of the recent weeks below.

Canada planning and second jobs
As you may have seen in my last post, Sam and I have booked a crazy trip to Canada! Whilst we’re super excited about it, we've also taken out a second job each to enable us to pay for this baby. That means, on top of our weekly 37 hour weeks, we've also added another 10 or so hours for the second job. Whilst it’s not life changing, it does mean we have shorter evenings at home and are a lot more tired than usual. We’ll get used to the extra workload, but at the moment we’re trying to find a balance between home chores, errand running, grocery shopping, normal work and finding time in between to cultivate our social lives and sleeping pattern.

Health issues
The ultimate reason I stopped blogging for a hot minute is because I caught some horrific type of flu / cold / death illness that literally debilitated me for a solid two weeks. It was freezing outside, and I was sweating buckets with a fan on max pointing at me at all times. I spent over 3 days in bed, drinking fluids and barely eating. Whilst I got over the worst of it pretty quickly, the cough and lack of voice paired with a stuffed nose and head stuck around for another 10 or so days, and I just couldn't deal. I mean, I couldn't even walk to the store for ice cream without falling asleep when I got home! Thankfully, that has passed, and I'm totally ok now (bar you, cursed Hayfever!).

On a similar note, Sam has had a number of hospital appointments in recent weeks because of an injury in his ankle. As a football player, injuries are commonplace, but Sam has been complaining about an issue with his ankle and foot for over a year now. It’s even got to the point where any extended period of walking causing his great amounts of pain, and I'm not okay with that! He’s been to see a specialist consultant at a private hospital nearby and has undertaken x-rays, MRI scans and physiotherapy to try and see what the issue is. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have any results and it may result in surgery! Due to this, Sam hasn't been playing football (not that I'm complaining ;) and so I have lost my Tuesday evening and Saturday afternoon writing slots. Boo!

The mojo drought
I guess, really, I just kinda lost my mojo guys. I was in such a good routine and its totally fallen by the wayside. I'm sorry, I’ll do better.

I will be getting back to my Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule and promise to keep you guys more up to day with what is going on in this crazy 20 something world of ours. 

Hope you’re all peachy and enjoying the final Summer than has engulfed England! Am I crazy for begging for rain?!

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  1. Hi Lo, I just found your blog! I hope you're feeling better! Agreed, the world has been a little wacko recently and sometimes we just need to take a break.

    I'm looking forward to reading more about your adventures!


  2. It's so easy to lose your mojo with blogging, especially when life gets in the way! I hope you're both feeling better soon. All those extra hour working will take their toll. Make sure you both put your feet up and enjoy some R&R when you can. x x x


  3. It really is! Thank you, we're doing the best we can :)

  4. Welcome to the crew, Courtney, thanks so much for stopping by!


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