A Little Trip To Lincolnshire

Back at the beginning of June, Sam and I snuck a few night away during the Cricket season. If you didn't know, Sam works for Essex County Cricket and therefore getting any time off during the season is incredibly difficult. We basically have little warning and have to roll with it, if he gets a week without any game we grab it with both hands!

The whole trip started with me blowing up at that dear love of mine because he 'never plans' anything. I was tired and cranky, and fed up of looking at sites online trying to find the perfect place for us to go for a couple of nights away from the world just us two. I couldn't make a decision, and therefore threw it to Sam to plan thinking he would fail and thus give me more ammo to be grouchy about.

The guy came through.

We ended up at the most insanely gorgeous camp site in the midst of rural Lincolnshire, miles and miles from the nearest store, pub, or solid walled toilet. To get there, we had to leave the nearest big town on a tiny road up the side of a river and follow the road until we met the top of a farm track. We followed the farm track for 5 miles, and then came to a crossroads with a metal barred gate and a few wooden signs sending us down what can only be described as a dirt track. Another two miles up the track was the copse where our home for the week would be. It really was in the middle of nowhere, with no phone service whatsoever!

The whole idea of this trip was to get ourselves comfortable with camping again. We both went a lot as children but in recent years we haven't had the opportunity. When we booked the trip, we were anticipating a heat wave and glorious balmy nights to snuggle round the campfire. Unfortunately, we were instead greeted with persistent rain and too much cloud cover to see a single star. Disappointing!

We made the most of the trip though, and here are a few of the photos we took, if you'd like to see?

Some of the highlights of the trip included:

  • Waking up and seeing nothing but fields, trees, and pheasants for as far as the eye can see.
  • Opening the hut doors to the sounds of birds and animals, and sitting on the deck enjoying the early morning breeze.
  • Visiting the coast and going to a Seal Sanctuary, where injured and ill seals are rescued, nursed back to health and released back into the wild.
  • Taking full advantage of the one dry evening we had to roast sweet potatoes and cook burgers on the open fire whilst playing UNO.
  • Having morning coffee on our little gas stove.
  • Seeing a friend I haven't seen in six months, and eating some crazy good food.
  • Spending the week with my love, travelling around visiting antique shops, the beach and anywhere in between.

There really is nothing like a roadtrip to bring people together. You're stuck in a small space with nothing but the road and conversation to keep you occupied. It really is a magical experience. I can't wait until we have the opportunity to do some more travelling around this beautiful country!

Points to consider:
The site we stayed on was New Farm Holiday, and we stayed in a 'pod' - I highly recommend this company for great service and amazing facilities, considering you're in the middle of nowhere!

I would truly recommend the vehicle you go in. My little car barely made it up and down the track into the campsite, and considering we were doing this twice a day it was hard going. If you have access to a 4x4, I would seriously consider taking it. Similarly, remember to take a paper map. Whilst the SATNAV might be more convenient, there are a number of blind spots across the country where signal is impossible to catch. We'd have been so screwed if we didn't have a paper map with us.

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