8 Fun Things I’m Doing This Summer

Last Wednesday, the weather was just perfect. There was a lazy breeze blowing over the tops of the flowers, the sun was beaming down with a little cloud cover, and the birds and bugs were making their beautiful sounds of Summer. I took some time in the morning before work, sitting on my front stoop letting the early morning wash over me. There’s something so peaceful about the world before people wake up. Everything is a little softer, a little more serene.
It seems as though England has been fighting for Spring and Summer all year. We haven’t been able to shake the rains or the overcast skies, and I think it’s been getting everyone down. However, on Wednesday morning it seemed as though the skies had finally realised we were nearing June, and it could be gorgeous!
We recently fired up the coal BBQ in our half finished back yard, and used our dining room chairs to soak up the last bits of sun over the tops of the trees. We talked about the Summer and what we had planned, and suddenly everything seemed so close and tangible! I’m definitely an Autumn girl, but I’m super stoked for the later evenings and carefree vibe that Summer gives me. Here’s a round up of eight things I currently have planned for Summer, maybe it can inspire you too?

  1. Open air cinema to watch 'Pitch Perfect' with some girlfriends
  2. A family vacation in Cape Verde
  3. Roadtrips and camping
  4. Backyard bbq housewarming
  5. Renting a hot tub to make the most of the summer
  6. Beach and pier trip
  7. Dinner on the patio of our favourite restaurant
  8. Bike ride up the Flitch Way
What are you planning on doing this Summer, if anything? Being lazy is definitely underrated ;)


  1. Sounds like a fabulous summer! Hope you have the best time, that BBQ housewarming sounds fun!
    Courtney // https://courtneylivin.com/

  2. I haven't been to an open air cinema in years... I'm adding it to my summer to-do! Love this list; it's full of inspiration :-)



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