Our Easter Weekend

Hey guys! It feels like forever since I last wrote, I decided to take the Easter Weekend off and therefore there were less posts than usually but I'm back and raring to go.

Whilst I wasn't writing, I was still thinking about the blog and took heaps of photos from the weekend to remember what a good one it was.

Garden Renovation Commenced - yes you read that right, we finally managed to start on the back yard. We originally intended to spend the four day weekend working solely on the back garden but unfortunately our local DIY depot couldn't fulfil the order on Good Friday and so we actually spent a lot more time working on other jobs around the house. We managed to clear the debris that's been collecting in the back garden over the last year and went from Rubble City to clear and ready for work. My ''little'' brother and Sam then went to work on the ground levelling ready for the bricks to be laid this coming weekend (you can see the bricks sitting behind Connor in the photograph). We then managed to get 2 tonnes of building sand and MOT Type 1 delivered and Sam borrowed it all back into the garden. The view from the dining room window is currently obscured by aggregates and tarpaulins. I am suuuuper excited to finally have the first stage of our patio completed on Saturday. There's still a long way to go but its really exciting to know we're half way to Summer BBQs!

We also enjoyed some excellent food over the weekend including homemade sweet potato, chickpea, and veggie curry; Californian Pizza from Frankie and Benny's and of course, the obligatory hot cross buns. Not photographed - easter eggs, mini eggs, chocolate eggs, chocolate hot cross buns, and some more chocolate ;)

Axel made the most of the four day weekend catching up on his sleep. I swear he was on the bed more than anywhere else over Easter and has even stopped waking up for food. I know kittens tend to calm down after the year mark, but he is sooo lazy these days!

We also spent a lot of time with friends and family. I went to Colchester Zoo with my sister, and niece and nephew and we spent hours traipsing round with the Easter crowds seeing all of our favourite animals. Mine is in fact the Snow Leopard, which unfortunately Colchester no longer have. My brother in law snuck over on Easter Monday with the kiddies and we executed a fun house-wide Easter Hunt for Phoebe (my niece) which went down very well! I love having time to spend with family. Also throughout the break we saw a number of our friends and their children, used the park multiple times and tried to help our neighbour chivvy labor along as she was due on Easter Monday. Still no baby in sight...

Other exciting things that happened over the weekend included my brother getting his first tattoo, which I adore! We also:

  • Weekly shopped
  • Cut the back hedge
  • Built the woodshed, whilst it awaits painting
  • Shelved and carpeted the guest room build in wardrobe, awaiting a final paint of the plaster and shelves
  • Bought the carpet for the guest room, and booked in the fitting
  • Cleaned the entire house

I also had my hair coloured for the second time, in preparation for the L'Oreal Colour Trophy Regional Final for East England happening on Sunday 23rd April. I'm modelling for Hair Lounge, Kelvedon and will be on the catwalk at London Excel this weekend! If you're around and want a fun day out, pop in and see what's happening. I'd love the support!

What did you get up to this weekend? Was it as jam packed and crazy as ours?

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