How to achieve dewy skin


I know Summer is just around the corner, but I cannot get enough of seriously glowy skin! I'm not talking about highlighted glow, I'm talking about really healthy looking, glowing skin. Maybe it's because I've been fighting a lot of hormonal acne this year, but I just want to glow like you do after a sunny holiday by the beach.

Luckily, you don't need a tonne of products to achieve this, and as I said in my New Year's Resolutions, I am concentrating more on skin care this year than anything else. So, here are my personal top picks for achieving an effortless, model-off-duty type look.
  1. The Nivea night cream is honest to God my favourite right now!! I love how thick and silky it is, and I look forward to putting the gel-cream onto my skin every night. I put it on as soon as I've cleansed aka pretty much as soon as I walk in the door, and let my skin drink it up for the rest of the evening. You can pick it up for as little as £4.99.
  2. The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum is something else I have been gravitating towards to try and even out my skin tone. I picked up a sample size over Christmas and have found I was using it so much I had to buy the full bottle. A really good one for feeling like your skin is tightening before your eyes. You can buy it here.
  3. Younique Royalty Rose Water Toning Spray is a longer term favourite of mine, so much so that I'm on my third bottle. I use this for anything from toning after cleansing, to remoistening, to setting my makeup or refreshing during the day. This is one of those items which I feel does a really good all round job, and the smell isn't too strong either. You'll need to find a distributer in your area to get your hands on this, but I would really recommend it for the £23ish price point.
  4. You've seen me rave about the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue before in this post, so I won't repeat myself. Always a favourite, always a repurchase. You can buy it for £27 from here.
  5. This NYX blush is a really great thing to have in your makeup bag if you're going for a dewier look, as its a cream product. It sinks into the skin and has a pretty decent lasting power considering the price. I love this dusty, just had a brisk walk colour. I think it would suit most skin tones! Pick it up from their website for $6 (Boots also stock NYX in the UK).
  6. The Burts Bee's lipsticks are a revelation! I've never tried anything so creamy and comfortable before, with the nicest deposit of colour imaginable. I love this nude, maroon pink colour and can see myself wearing it for a long time. Moisturising enough, whilst not needing a mirror. £10.99, available here.

I really adore all the products above, and would recommend them to anyone. Obviously, if the dewy look isn't for you, maybe powder a little on the T Zone, or opt only for the skincare. Nothing can ever be bad about skincare now!

Have you got any holy grail items you swear by?

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