Google Image Search and Why I Use It

I understand how wacky this title is, but you have to try this for yourself. It has helped me out of a pickle numerous times.
There was once a time where I would stumble across an image on Pinterest or Google, and have no idea where to start looking for what I wanted. I’d end up trying hundreds of variations of the same phrase looking elusively for the one store that stocked what I wanted.
Until now.
Google Image Search is literally the best invention this side of iced coffee and slip on shoes. It has saved me most recently when looking for a skirt for my nephew’s christening. I adore it, and therefore want to shout it from the rooftops! It’s different from actual Google Images (I’m not so dumb, promise!) and gives you so much more.

On the front page of Google, in the top hand corner there is a tiny word of ‘Images’. See it? Once you click on this little word, it takes you to the search page for IMAGES!

Notice the bar now includes a little black camera? Click on that, and you will be given an upload bar. You know the skirt you found on Pinterest with no idea where to buy it? Save that baby to your computer or copy the URL, and simply upload it onto Google.

Then, once you’ve done that it will give you a few options that it thinks is close, as well as some which are either the same or look super similar.

Click on the ‘Visually Similar’ option and Google will then give you tonnes of options for the same products, all across the web (and similar products too!), and at heaps of different prices! Found a light fixture you’re obsessed with but it’s too expensive? Search it on here, and you could find it a ££££ less! How awesome is that?!
Whilst I’m sure your favourite boutique won’t appreciate this tip, it’s really helped me out in a number of ways. Firstly, I’ve saved money finding the same piece of clothing in a cheaper store online, as well as finding images including a specific skirt so I could get some outfit inspiration.

I adore this tool, and will continue to use it before I make any future purchases.


  1. Google image search is so useful, and yet most people don't know about it.
    I work in the art department of a secondary school and one student claimed he'd taken a photo himself when he obviously hadn't, so I popped it into image search and found the original photographer's website. Busted!

    1. That's hilarious! I remember tracing images as a child and trying to get away with them being my own....I can't draw for toffee!



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