20 Things To Do This Spring

Spring is here! Laundry is on the line! Birds are singing, and my cat is eating bee's...

I wanted to take some time to reflect on what a fabulous season Spring is, because it can be overlooked. I love Summer for the short shorts and holiday vibes, and Autumn for the beanies, jeans and beautiful colours but Spring is a month of renewal and do-overs. It's crisp and delicate and the most perfect time to get out and about and refresh your memory of the great outdoors after a long Winter stuck indoors.

I've compiled a list of 20 things you could do this Spring to make the most of the season, and have something to talk about on Monday morning in the office! Carry on reading, if you'd like some ideas?

  1. Visit a local park with friends and take a BYO picnic. Unfurl a blanket, pour some fizz and enjoy the strong Spring sunshine.
  2. Dust off the bicycles and go for an easy ride on local cycle paths.
  3. Research 'in season' veggies and create a new dish with the freshest, tastiest veg around.
  4. Plant some wildflower seeds in your yard and watch as the bugs and birds come to bask in its beauty. This is a great way of cultivating local wildlife in a more urban area.
  5. Go sans tights for the first time of the year!!
  6. Visit a local National Trust, or RHS site and enjoy the blooms in their enormous and gorgeous gardens.
  7. Go to a new restaurant or pub you haven't tried before and enjoy their beer garden / patio. There's nothing nicer than wiling away a few hours on a sunny afternoon in a pub garden.
  8. Plant a herb garden in a window box and watch it grow as the season changes from Spring to Summer. Bonus - fresh basil for pesto!
  9. Go thrift shopping for new skirts for the season. The ditzier the floral print, the better.
  10. Paint your garden fences or patio furniture a new shade for the new year. Our favourite this year is 'Mountain Blue' by Ronseal.
  11. Revisit a local haunt you went to as a child, and see how much its changed or how much you remember. I love doing this with farms and country walks I haven't been to since I was young.
  12. Club together with your friends and host the first backyard BBQ of the year. Beers in ice! Chargrilled sausages! Fairy lights!
  13. Plant some hanging baskets to bring some low maintenance colour to your front porch.
  14. Refresh your home with some fresh smelling candles. My favourite scents are 'Sea Salt and Lavender', 'Fresh Cotton', and 'Vanilla Ice cream'. All make me think of freshly mown lawns, ice cream trucks and coke floats!
  15. Visit a Maize Maze with your family and see who can reach the centre first. A great one in the South East area is at Blake Hall!
  16. Got a forest near you? Visit, and keep your eyes peeled for new buds, greening leaves and bluebells. The leaves underfoot will be super crispy from last Autumn too.
  17. Switch out your cushion covers and bedsheets for lighter, brighter covers. We've just made the switch from brushed cotton grey plaid to white seersucker sheets. It's a breath of fresh air in an otherwise unchanged room.
  18. Visit the market and get your fruit and vegetables from a local seller rather than your usual store. You'll find fresher veg, better deals and more choice. Not sure what that crazy looking veg is? Ask, and they'll probably give you a recipe idea too!
  19. Repaint your front door or windowsills a vivid white or other colour, and continue the spring clean from there. I even wiped down my baseboard, guys!
  20. Spend some time planning the rest of your year. Use this season to work out what you want to accomplish, what tools you need to do so, and by when. Now you're out of the Winter funk, thinks will seem a whole lot more manageable!

So there's my list, did I miss anything you would have included? I was going to include some sort of exercise classes but heading into Summer is the WORST time for sweaty studios, don't you think? I'd rather get out for a walk, ride my bike or run around a park playing games than attend any sort of fitness class.

(Top photo via Pinterest, lamb photo via Daily Express, bottom photo via Sewn Natural)


  1. Hope your cat doesn't get stung as he eats the bees ;) Great list! I love Spring and personally, I can't wait for tag sales (basically like thrift shopping).

    Kim | Simply Lovebirds

    1. He does get stung! He's come home more than once with either a swollen paw or half his face erupting in hives. He brought us a dead mouse today. I mean, I'm thankful we're so adored but really Axel, a dead MOUSE?!


  2. I love spring so much! I just love the idea of everything blooming!
    xoxo Kirsten
    - http://hellofromthemiddleofnowhere.blogspot.com/


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