To the women of the world

I have some crazy women in my life, in all shapes and sizes:

A grandmother who courted multiple American soldiers in the war ;)
A mother who provided anything and everything on a single parent wage
A best friend who raised her little boy into a funny, loving, happy creature
A sister and niece who are two of the cutest women I know, their mama daughter bond is delicious
A boss who became a stand in mother when I needed her
Friends who #bosslady the shit out of being young parents
A future mother in law who does everything in her power to see her family happy

There are a plethora of women who shape my mind, my thoughts and my beliefs – some of them I haven’t even met! I am constantly in awe of Shawni Eyre, a power house of a mama who mothered five children and tens of cousins whilst running a photography business and working alongside her own mother and siblings to teach others how to be more concrete mothers. She’s incredible, and I adore her writing style.

I admire Emma Watson and Shailene Woodley for becoming inspiring role models for girls and women around the globe. They hold themselves in such a way, I think its fantastic how they have taken to being role models for scores of people they will never meet. All the women who participate on ChannelMum, you guys rock! 

I guess for me, today is the perfect opportunity to reflect on all the women who have affected my life – I salute all you warriors and worriers, lovers and fighters. We may not all agree, but we’re pretty #bombass.

Photo courtesy of Fat in the City

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