Mothering Sunday

Yesterday was Mothering Sunday in England (I know it's a different date in other parts of the world) and so my mama and my little brother came over to Sam and my house for brunch.

My mother thought we were going to a buffet brunch at our favourite cafe, but instead we decided to host a surprise family brunch at the house.

We treated her to prosecco, a full english breakfast and pastries. We spent the morning relaxing, having fun and laughing about previous years and how many chocolates will be left at the end of the day. After all, they were Belgium ;) We also drank a LOT of coffee.

I hope you took some time this weekend to appreciate those closest to you, and if it wasn't Mothering Sunday for you, I hope you called your mum!

Happy Mother's Day to mine, thanks for the all the Mother's Days you gave up for my dance rehearsals ♥

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