I have spent an inordinate amount of time cozied up on the couch recently, feeling kinda sick but not really, and it's knocked me over guys! If I'm sick, I get majorly sick and therefore I'm really not used to this kinda-sick-not-sick thing. Sam's been great at keeping me company, letting me snack on all the junk food and rewatching episodes of Planet Earth with me. I swear to you, there is nothing cuter than a Polar Bear coming out of it's winter den! Ax has also been a snuggle bug recently which has been the best thing ever. Since he's become an Outside Cat (so heart wrenching), we haven't been seeing as much of him, so when he decides to spend the night snuggled I melt. He's the best water bottle in the world ♡♥

Sam and I have also spent a huge chunk of our time working on the back yard. Last June, Sam ripped up the broken and decrepit concrete 'patio' one afternoon whilst I was at work and since then the rubble has sat in one giant pile. The weekend just gone, we spent 9 hours working on the yard. We sanded the old iron fence back and repainted it jet black, filled in both the old flower beds, levelled the patio area ready for laying, removed the old toilet from the soon-to-be back garden storage and increased the rubble pile by at least double again. We're still go so, so much to do, but I really feel like we got somewhere this weekend! Unfortunately, my shellac manicure did not survive. During Sunday it was fine, but by Tuesday afternoon it was peeling and flaky..

Wednesday was a tough day in England. A Police Officer was stabbed in the Houses of Parliament, and a number of civilians were shot down and maimed/killed. As someone who works for the Police Force, I found this a really hard one to comprehend. Terrorisim is not something that should be acceptable, tolerated, or believed to be right anywhere. It's easy to become blasé to it when its not happening at home. I am truly so heartbroken for the families of those people hurt and murdered in Wednesday's terror attacks and I pray that the people who did this are caught, prosecuted and brought to justice. Nothing will bring them back, but I will continue to work for the organisation put here to stop this sort of thing happening #thinblueline

The days seem to be going by in a blur at the moment. Before I know it, it will be April and I'll have a hundred and one birthdays, christenings, and parties to attend. I'm looking forward to the better weather we've been teased with this week, some time off work, and some partying with friends celebrating 50th birthdays, engagements and new babies!

What are you looking forward to?


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