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Oh hey there. Nothin' to see here, just your typical Sunday night pamper session.

I am typically not one for 'pampering', I just enjoy a good bubble bath on the regular and slather some moisturiser on as and when I need it. Ashy legs? Rub it down and moisturise once to fix it kind of girl.


I am trying really hard to spend more time on me; whether its cooking to relax, reading to escape or spending some soaking time in the tub with a face mask on pondering the health benefits of red wine. This post is about my most loved products at the moment, and the ones I use most regularly to maintain my mostly-unkempt but put together appearance #roughroundtheedges

The mask you see above is a '7th Heaven' Dead Sea Salt sheet mask. It was a gift from Sam for Christmas and I must say, I was looking forward to trying it. Sheet masks feel so much more luxurious to me because I don't have to spent ages putting it on, waiting for it to set and then scrubbing it off and inevitably getting it under my nails.

It started off the evening nicely, and although it stung my larger pores a little, overall it left my skin super soft and gloomy and I'm looking forward to trying more salt infused masks in the future.

The next items are my 'go to', and the ones I reach for most often (bar the moisturiser).


When in the bath, I like to have a body wash that smells fruity or floral and this Radox one is gorgeousssssss. You honestly smell like you just took a bath in a BLUEBERRY (just call me Verruca ;) Whilst in the bath with my face mask on, I also try and do a hair mask once a week. This time, I decided to mix my BLEACH London purple shampoo with my Herbal Essences Hello Hydration hair mask. The mask says it only takes 5 minutes, but the purple shampoo at its highest concentrate takes about 9 so I tend to leave the mix on for around 15-20 minutes.

As you can see in the first photo, I left it on a little too long this time and ended up with purple/grey strands. Blame my current book!

After I've finished in the bath I will move onto skincare to wipe away the day. I don't do anything special - I use the Forever Living eye makeup remover to remove my mascara. It's not oil based and therefore works really well with tinted lashes and brows as it doesn't lift the pigment so quickly (also good for eyelash extensions!)

I then cleanse with the Nivea milk above - BEST THING EVER. I LOVE IT SO! It leaves your skin super duper baby soft and smelling so sweet. I remove with a face flannel to give myself a gentle exfoliation.

Lastly, I use my mini Estee Lauder Midnight Recovery Serum (ugh, so good) and finish with the Forever Living Moisturising Cream. It's a good base for makeup, and relatively thick so it works well at night and leaves me feeling pretty hydrated.

It's nice to take the time to do this, but to be honest I do all these steps bar the hair and face masks most nights so I suppose the only 'pamper' element was drinking wine in the bath?
p.s. there is a HORRID story behind the missing nail - it's too painful a memory to delve back into, so please excuse the stubbiness!

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