Life lately, via the Bullet Journal

This year, I began compiling a bullet journal full of lists, memos and anecdotes to remember and put to good use.

It's not a shopping list, remember to flea the cat kind of list book, it's more of a beauty items to try, places to visit, books to read type deal. I'm actually loving it, and have noticed in just the last month how much I procrastinate chores and move them on and on within the weeks.

There's been so many good times recently, I want to document them all here and thankfully the Bullet Journal is reminding me of how epic it all has been!

As mentioned previously, Sam and I went to TGI Friday's in our home town for our anniversary. The food was amazing, and we didn't get any photos bar this cheesy one of me over the table. I think my eyes are glazed over from good food, good wine, and great company! That week, I also got my nails redone into the most whimsical white-pink (CND Shellac 'Winter Glow') with matching pink sparkles as accents. Very girly, but I'm digging the break from the norm!

This was also a period of redesign for myself, in more ways than one. I have two tattoo, now three, but it had been a hot minute since I went under the needle for anything other than medical reasons. I chose this design because of my desire to see every mountain, lake, tundra, and vista possible. I want to do it all and I feel most comfortable in the wilderness. IT HURT SO BAD omg! I also underwent another transformation with my friend and hair stylist Mel. She entered a Lo'real competition and I was the model - how fun is this purple balayage? I am obsessed, and feel so bad ass ;)

We went to see our favourite band, Busted, again this past week at the Cliff's Pavilion in Southend-on-Sea. I am proud to say I didn't cry this time! We sang and danced out butts off, and had so much fun doing it. We also visited a restaurant called 'Flying Pasta' which I highly recommend - try the Mushroom Ravioli if you go, it's to die for! I love doing something different on a work night, especially when it's something Sam and I enjoy together.

What have you been up to in recent weeks? Do you have any suggestions for me?

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