An honest food diary

I think realising normal people eat normal food is SUPER important, and whilst I love seeing Acai Bowls and oodles and oodles of zoodles on Instagram, sometimes it's just good to be realistic y'no?

I decided it would be really good for me to record a realistic food diary for both myself and for everyone out there who is worried they're not eating right, or they're binging too frequently.

It's ok. You're not alone. We are with you, homeslice.

Time for the disclaimer.

I have Crohns Disease, an autoimmune bugger which has affected my dietary choices for almost seven years. With that said, I can be very liberal with my diet at times and therefore I am. I know how to manage my risks, I know when to stop and I know what my body wants most of the time.

I can eat red meat, but mainly choose not to. I can eat white grains, but definitely choose not to, and I find I can incorporate a whole host of veggies into my diet so long as I balance that with some super carby days. My body works best on carbs and starches and not much else, but it needs the fibre to keep everything tip top even if it does cause me some digestive issues.

I personally would rather feel healthier in my mind and my person, and suffer a little for the veggies. That's a personal choice though. You do you.

As you can see, my diet varied WILDLY over the course of the seven days. I mean, caffeine and coffee especially were popular but everything else is pretty even over the healthy - unhealthy spectrum.

I've noticed having looked at the week overall that I felt much better on the days I had a proper breakfast, and tended to snack less. With that said, Wednesday doesn't count as it was our anniversary and we blew it all with an amazing meal at TGI Friday's. Recommended if you're near one, but take a credit card, that shit's expensive.

I've also noticed my water consumption waned over the course of the week, and that's something I need to work on. I want to ensure I am well hydrated and looking after the insides, which should in turn stop me craving the naughty snacks.

Saturday was my favourite day for food; the Strawberry Champagne jam is a surviving member of the Christmas hauls and it felt luxurious to start the weekend with such a decadent treat. The 'Pizza' was a super simple 15min lunch which was sooo yummy! It was literally a wholewheat tortilla topped with tomato paste, leftover cheeses from the fridge (possible Wensleydale?), sliced mushrooms and red pepper, spinach and frozen sweetcorn! I honesty devoured it! The curry was also a winner thanks to some pre-made paste we had, and some steamed broccoli and green beans to balance the richness of the sauce. I love a good curry haphazardly thrown together with leftover veggies.

Let's ignore Friday, mkay? Don't listen to Sam when he says I ordered a Domino's consisting of two tubs of ice cream and the cookies. It's not true... promise? Whoops.

Things I want to consider moving forward

  • Hula hoops feature too regularly - swap for veggie crisps or nuts
  • Prep lunches at the weekend so not to consume so much bread - think rices, grilled veggies, chickpeas
  • Switch to decaf coffee sometimes
  • Up the waterrrrrr
What would your week look like?

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  1. This is really pretty healthy! If this is you on a normal week, you should be pleased :-)


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