Veganuary Stew

I have Crohns Disease, a debilitating autoimmune disease I can neither control nor cure. I live on chemotherapy biweekly and also rely on pain medication more than I'd like to admit. I'll go into this in more detail some other time, I can't really comprehend how long that post would be right now.

Anyway. As part of CD, I experiment with different food diets quite regularly. I mean, I'm a run of the mill carnivore with a love of veggies more than fruits. I eat poultry and sausages, but rarely any other meat, and occasionally partake in dairy and eggs. For all intents and purposes, I suppose I'm a poul-tarian? I drink, red wine is my bae, and I feel as though I am entitled to that considering how much medical intervention I have gone through over the last 8 years.

So January is Veganuary in England, is it anywhere else? I'm not sure. I think this is a fantastic way to raise awareness of how good veganism can be for some people, and how it is an incredibly easy way to get more plant based produce into your system. I mean, even for the meat eaters like Sam out there who is in no way, shape, or form ever going to turn Vegan, having a huge dose of veggies a few times a week can really increase your immune system and overall health.

I decided to document the stew I made this week, because it was completely vegan which means cruelty free, cholesterol free and pretty much fat free (if you ignore the wine ;)

Veganuary Stew

1 swede, diced into 1inch squares
1/2 box chestnut mushrooms, quartered
2 parsnips, sliced
2 carrots, sliced
2 sticks celery, sliced
1/3 bag kale, washed and stems removed
1/2 cup bulgar wheat, rinsed and drained
3 springs fresh rosemary
3 cloves of garlic, crushed
150ml red wine [ensure it's vegan!]
150ml water
1 can chopped tomatoes
1tbsp tomato puree
1 vegetable stock cube
Dried mixed herbs

  1. Preheat a frying pan with a little oil on the stove and add all veggies for 1-2minutes until slightly soft
  2. Add all the veggies and garlic to the slow cooker
  3. Add all your wet ingredients, and stir with the veggies to ensure the puree is totally mixed in
  4. Add your seasonings and stock cube and again, mix
  5. Stir through your bulgar wheat
  6. Lay your rosemary springs on top of everything
  7. Shut the lid, cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8 hours
  8. Just before finishing, stir in the kale to wilt further and mix with the rest
  9. Serve :)
This keeps for up to 5 days in the fridge or can be portioned to freeze and defrost at your leisure. Seriously - it's so freaking good! I made this last night and I already have it in the oven warming through for tonight, which is normal as Friday is leftover night in our home.

I mean what's better that leftover, nightly marinating stew? Unless you have dumplings of course, which we don't. Okay now I want dumplings. Ugh.

So, I am off to drink some red wine [leftover from the recipe, duh] and enjoy my evening snuggled up in snowy and cold England. Enjoy!

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