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Above: the first gel manicure I enjoyed in 2017, a matte navy which totally compliments my dull and neutral wardrobe that I adore. It's super flattering on my pale winter skin, and I'm really enjoying the ballerina x coffin shape nail at the moment. It's nice to have a 2 hour window every three weeks where I can't call anyone, text anyone or even touch my phone. If you're in North Essex, visit Perfect10n on Braintree high street.

A coffee date enjoyed by Sam and I to our favourite local place; Coffee Beans. They have perfected the 'Flat White' which means I don't have to feel so guilty about always being in Costa, yno?

Above: BE STILL MY BEATING HEART. What is it about little children holding littler children? This is my niece and my brand new nephew, whose only just two months old. I adore them both and treasure every single moment together. I can't wait to give them cousins to run around with, hiding behind bushes and slaying imaginary creatures.

Above: A Sunday afternoon enjoyed at home with Sam and my dad. I cooked an impromptu lamb roast, invited dad and cracked a bottle of red wine. We spent the afternoon avoiding the rain ands catching up whilst half-watching nature programmes. I love slow weekends, and this was the perfect ex

I entitled the next photo on my instagram -: when your boyfriend buys you sheet masks before realising how scary they look. How relaxing are they though?! I could live in Face Masks if it was acceptable!

Above: a Carvery lunch which was bought for us by some family members. It's so nice to be treated to a night out once in a while where I don't need to cook and Sam doesn't need to clean - utter bliss!

Axel being a cute little rug cat. He's so snuggled here - I stare at this photo a whole bunch!

Life recently has been relaxing and resetting. It's super easy to get overwhelmed and I have to remind myself that not everything is a race and it can be done slow time. I mean, I have seriously scrimped on the laundry recently and not put things away half as much as I used to. I guess its been more about enjoying the downtime recently rather than filling the downtime. What's been good in your life recently?

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