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I've just watched one of Lydia Millen's #vlogmas videos, and as I was watching it I felt throughly inferior next to her perfectly decorated house, her perfectly blow-dried hair and her perfect, perfect, perfect white Range Rover. I vowed to myself I was going to make myself perfect tonight; matching pj's, face mask, blow out my hair. I then proceeded to use Sam's clothes as pjs, put on my neon orange bathrobe and toothpaste on my zits, and walk downstairs to make a double chocolate hot cocoa. Why? Because I am dang realistic.

I'm not saying I don't make an effort, because I do. I do my make up everyday, I think about my outfit, I get my nails done and I'm usually pretty put together. That doesn't mean I can slob about when I want to though, does that make sense? I'm waffling.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I know when to plan and think and achieve and I know when I need a break. My resolutions reflect that for 2017, and I'm pretty happy with my resolutions. Read on, if you'd care to find out more.

My resolutions for 2017 are simple; have more me time.

I spent a great chunk of 2016 worrying; worrying what people thought of the house mid-renovations, wondering what the neighbours thought of us, wondering if I could survive another day without biting the head off my incredibly tiresome boss....the list goes on. I've decided to claw back some time for myself. Here's the short and sweet list:

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  • Read 36 books in 2017, working out to three a month
  • Do face masks and hair masks more regularly
  • Continue my nail salon appointments for 2 hours of uninterrupted time
  • Go back to my fitness classes
  • Cook more, for no reason.
The only one I am worried about is the books one. I used to be an avid reader, but not so much anymore. YouTube and Instagram and Buzzfeed and the XBOX and netflix and life just got in the way. Not this year, ya'll! 

I'm off to read the only book in the house I haven't read yet, Sam's ''Assassins Creed: Underworld''. Definitely not my norm, but it's an easy gateway. Do you have any recommendations? I still need 10 book titles to fill my quota!


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