Book Review: The Girls

Book number two of the year was highly anticipated by me, I was super pumped to read this because it had been so highly rated by every . single . person on earth. I mean, usually the hype is real and well deserved aka. Bourjois Healthy Mix serum and any Harry Potter movie ever.

I absolutely devoured this book in just a matter of days, 5 to be precise, and I enjoyed myself. The main character, Evie, is the typical coming-of-age whereby she doesn't know who she is or what she should be doing with her life. A broken home, a boring childhood best friend, and an endless summer before her equates to the kind of boredom busting frivolity we're all interested in at 14, just with slightly different consequences.

I totally get where the writer was coming from with this book, because it was exciting, I could almost taste the sweat of summer, feel the hot balmy air on my skin and I could definitely imagine the ratty long hair, burnt out cars and feel of someone laying next to you but I guess, I just didn't really buy into it.

Perhaps its because I spent my summers on camp exploring who I was in a safe environment away from my family, or perhaps its because I escaped the small town much more early on by any means possible (thank you to frequent vacations, books and trips). In any case, I felt the angst of the book to be rather stunted, like the writer was trying hard to evoke some old feelings of wanton teenage anger that just wasn't there?

I say the above, but I finished the book in almost record time and I do still think about it - the lustiness of your early teens, the glamour of the cool kids and the thrill of defying everything you knew. It speaks to the inner kid in you who never really wanted to grow up and never knew where they fitted in. Through this review, I feel as though I am gaining a deeper understanding of the book that wasn't there at the time because of how much of an easy read it is.

Regardless of whether you were poor or rich, loved or not, there is something in this book that will resonate with you. I think for me, it's the feeling of always wanting more than what I had.

Book two done. Onto 'Cloud Atlas'.
You can buy 'The Girls' here.

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